Who We Are

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Eryk Christian, Co-Founder

It all started when...

Eryk was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture and Master’s of Science in Intelligence Analysis degree from the University of Detroit Mercy. He has been an Architect Intern for Madison Madison International and Hamilton Anderson Associates. Eryk has been known for working through various parts of the design process during his time at these two firms from the conceptual phase to production. His core approach to promoting more innovative architecture is discovering how to make future generations of architects think outside of the box.

Mr. Christian has also been a professional DJ for 19 years. He has developed a thorough knowledge of the art of djing as well as a unique perspective of the history of hip hop and various genres that have influenced the landscape of hip hop music since its creation during the mid-70s. Eryk’s knowledge of music starts with techno which was founded in the city of Detroit and has grown substantially in the past 20 years through various genres.